Family Crisis Center

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The Family Crisis Center, Inc., based in Great Bend, Kansas, provides advocacy and support to all surviors and secondary victims of domestic and sexual violence, child abuse and neglect while encouraging social change through awareness, education and prevention. From our 24-hour crisis hotline to supportive services to professional training,  we offer  hope  and healing for families experiencing domestic and sexual violence, child abuse and neglect.  

The Domestic and Sexual Violence Center creates a safe environment for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to understand the resources and options available to them and get support as they begin to heal from the trauma.  These services are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  Services for the DSVC are provided in Barton, Barber, Comanche, Edwards, Kiowa, Ness, Pawnee, Pratt, Rush  & Stafford counties.  

The Child Advocacy Center (CAC), is a family-friendly environment for children and families. The CAC becomes involved with the children and families upon referral from Department for Children and Families (DCF) and/or Law Enforcement in order to assist with the investigative process and provide services through referrals as well as advocacy to the child and family.  Services for the CAC are provided in Barton, Pawnee, Ellsworth, Pratt, and Stafford Counties.